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The Complete Guide to Ocean Candles: What You Need to Know

The Complete Guide to Ocean Candles: Don’t let the fear of missing out on your favorite weather or holidays make this summer go uneventful. One of the best fragrances of all time, while you’re missing vacation time, is the scent of the ocean.

When you wish to spice up the vibe of your home, aromas are the best place to start with. Imagine your ideal setting and environment being brought straight to your home; what does it smell like? Is it the fragrant tulip gardens of the Netherlands? Or is it the pine-scented forests that rejuvenate your soul? Don’t let the fear of missing out on your favorite weather or holidays make this summer go uneventful. One of the best fragrances of all time, while you’re missing vacation time, is the scent of the ocean.


While every ocean in the world has a different vibe to it, the essence and energy remain the same. Gentle salt air is marked by unique notes of coconut and tropical elements. Whether you’re waiting to book your holidays and pack your bags, or you’re experiencing a vacation hangover, ocean scented candles are the best way to recreate the energy of your favorite destination.


There’s so much more to the scented ocean candle than meets the eye. Yes, they’re the embodiment of luxury, but why? This blog will take you through the journey of an ocean candle!


What are Ocean Candles?


Ocean candles, or simply put ocean scented candles are a luxurious type of wax curations that are meant to bring you the experience of the element of water. Each scented candle infused with pure and organic aromatic oils is meant to create the theme of breezy brine, combined with more undertones that are a clear reminder of the seas that we love so much. Depending upon the curator of these candles, a number of elements go into the selection of the fragrances that make every type of ocean candle unique, there can be a variety of sensory experiences waiting for you, be it the warm and sunny beaches, or a clear and cool cliff side that overlooks the vast oceans.


No matter what the aroma blend is, an ocean fragrance candle is a personal experience for the user since this scent can invoke a thousand pleasant memories of a childhood spent well, memorable days of youth, or your love for water bodies. With their refreshing and energy cleansing properties, these candles are amazing for anyone seeking emotional healing or a break from the humdrum of life. When it’s time to take a pause, light a luxury ocean scented soy candle and enjoy the peace that washes off your day’s stress away, just like the consistent movement of gentle waves.


Uses of Ocean Candles?

Uses of Ocean Candles?:Tropical-themed events,Pool parties,Energy cleansing.

 1. Tropical-themed events

If you have the knack for hosting movie nights and get-togethers that are reminiscent of beach days, these candles are a must-have in your inventory. Not only will your home smell amazing, but it will also cover the other scents that may try to overpower your guests' senses, like food! Your attendees will surely appreciate the organic treat to their senses when they walk into a home that smells like the beautiful ocean. Have tropical drinks on the rounds with the most sensational dishes, and your tropical party is a hit!

2. Pool parties

Other than house parties during the winter, organizing amazing pool parties during the peak of summers is an experiment unlike any other. From making memories worth a lifetime to living in the present, an oceanic vibe reminds the guests that today is the best day to bask and relax, leaving behind the worries of mundane tasks. Decorate your surroundings with fire-safe ocean pillar candles and watch the party change its energy to pure paradise vibes!


3. Energy cleansing:

We tend to absorb energy from every place we visit, each emotion we experience, or the people around us. If you’re sensitive and absorb such energy easily, using ocean candles to rebalance yourself is a highly useful tool. Combine this with a ritual meditation that helps you let go of emotions and frequencies that do not belong to you, and watch your overall mood even out. You may not even know how much emotional debris from external influences you may be carrying till you practice deep breathing in a room lit with ocean scented candles!


What is the Difference Between Ocean Candles and Artificial Candles?

If you're considering buying ocean fragrance candles, we’re sure you may have browsed through hundreds of enticing options online and at stores. However, have you noticed why some brands are priced on the expensive side while the others are so inexpensive?


The truth is that you could find ocean or water fragrance candles at the dollar store. But for some reason, people majorly prefer the ones made by homegrown brands like Home in The Hills or other luxury stores. The point of differentiation comes to the type of ocean candles. While the cheaper costing ones are artificial candles, the latter ones are true ocean candles. Here are some factors that set the two apart:

1. Organic ocean candles are made using the highest quality of wax such as soy, beeswax, or coconut wax. Artificial candles are made using paraffin wax which is detrimental to your health.

2. Organic candles burn evenly, clean, and longer while artificial ones do not.

3. If you have pets and children at home, artificial candles are a high-risk flammable red flag. Organic candles usually come with fireproof holders that protect your property from damage to a huge extent

4. The quality of luxury ocean candles surpasses that of cheaper ones because of pure fragrance oils being used. The latter use artificial fragrance, which can cause allergic reactions or irritation

5. The scent is far more accurate when it comes to organic ocean candles while the artificial variant simply smells like a cheap imitation of ocean smells.

Where Can You Buy Authentic Ocean Scented Candles?

So now that we know why you should opt for genuine and organically crafted ocean candles, where can you buy them?


The answer is quite simple. You could visit the nearest organic boutique that has limited yet handmade products. Or, you could give small businesses a fighting chance and use their services to order a batch of your favorite ocean candles. These brands are authentic and reading about the curator’s experience will tell the genuine apart from the gimmick


What are the Mental Health Benefits of Burning Ocean Candles?

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Burning Ocean Candles?:Creates a sense of calm,Mood booster,Relaxes the stressed mind

1. Creates a sense of calm

If you’ve been having a rough week or day at work, there’s nothing like the scent of the ocean. Light up one of your favorite ocean scented candles at your workspace and watch your calmness factor improve! The element water is associated with emotional regulation and hence can help you feel centered in your body. This especially helps those who are experiencing anxiety or depression.

2. Mood booster

Wishing you were by the beach and the crashing waves but not your boring desk? Switch up your mood and bring in some positivity with an ocean candle. The energy and vibes shift instantly, promoting a better mood. This could also be combined as your meditative practice to boost your productivity, offering deep focus.

3. Relaxes the stressed mind

If you’re a sensitive person who feels stressed as a physical symptom, you may be prone to tight muscles and aches. This is usually due to the chemical cortisol that puts us in a constant fight or flight state. Using scented candles that promote a sense of safety and serenity can aid in reducing the cortisol and adrenaline levels, helping you feel more grounded.

4. Helps with meditation

If you love to meditate by water bodies, you’ll probably crave the sensory experience while indoors. Instead, put on some oceanic waves meditation music and light one of these candles to bring the ocean to you. Your meditative practices like breathwork and mindfulness or ven yoga will be more fruitful.

5. Great for aromatherapy messages

Getting a nurturing massage once in a while feels great, but what is even better? Setting the mood for total relaxation! Your olfactory senses are highly attuned to fragrances, which is why certain scents make you feel energized while a few can help you feel at ease. Get these ocean candles and light them while giving your significant other a massage, you’ll notice them melting into absolute relaxation.


How to make Ocean Candles?

How to make Ocean Candles? Materials Required:

If you wish to try your hand at making your own ocean scented candles, let us guide you through the process.

Materials Required

What’s a DIY tutorial without listing the ingredients? You may think it would be difficult making candles, but it’s quite simple if you have all the materials prepared. For the candle making you will require:

1)    A melting pot, preferably a non-reactive metal like stainless steel.
2)    A double boiler- we don’t melt wax using direct heat!
3)    Heating induction or stovetop.
4)    An industrial thermometer to measure the temperature of the wax.
5)    Candle wicks, cotton or wooden, as per your preference.
6)    Heat glue gun.
7)    Glass candle jars.
8)    Organic and unscented candle wax.
9)    Organic ocean scented fragrance oil.
10)  Crystals of water element.
11)  A wooden spatula.
12)  Pair of heatproof gloves and an apron.
13)  Newspaper or plastic mat to cover your workstation..
14)  Pair of scissors.
15)  A heating tool or a hair dryer.

Steps to make ocean scented candles

Here are the instructions to creating your own candles:

1. Prep the candle jars

Before you melt your wax, prep the jar. Using the heat glue gun, stick the wick with its tab to the center of the jar at the bottom. Let this sit overnight so that the wick does not lose alignment.

2. Melt the wax

The next day, take the melting pot and add wax blocks to it as per the quantity you want to create. We suggest you look up the ratio with reference to your candle jars and molds.

3. Watch the temperature

On a gentle heat, let the wax melt but not boil. Maintaining the temperature is imperative to use the thermometer to keep checking and moderate the heat. The wax needs to be between a temperature of 130-200 degrees Fahrenheit, never exceeding 200 degrees. Keep stirring the pot to keep the wax in thin liquid consistency.

4. Add fragrance oil

Now add a few drops of fragrance oil to the mix depending on the wax ratio. Make sure to not overdo it, or else the fragrance would be too overwhelming, or the wax would split the oil. Stir gently to let the fragrance incorporate into the wax.

5. Splash of color

In the meantime, you can add some color pigment such as ocean blue or green to make the candles embody the oceanic vibe.

6. Warm the candle jars

To prep, your glass jars for the candle, warm them gently. You can dip them into a hot water bath for a few seconds while wearing heatproof gloves. Make sure to not use too much heat, or else the glass may crack. Also, do not get any water inside the jar.

7. Curing the wax

Let the wax cool to a little thick consistency and pour it into the glass or ceramic jar. Cure the jar overnight and the wax will set.

8. Trimming the wick

Clip the wick so that it is a couple of centimeters tall.

9. Remedy air pockets and depressions

If you see any bubbles or space at the center or side of the jar, use a heat gun or blow dryer on low settings to melt the wax and fill this gap evenly.

10. Jazz things up

You can use this stage of warming the surface of the candle to add some adornments or crystals to the top of the candle jar.

Voilà! Your candles are all done! 

Final Word

Whether it is a romantic date set-up or work time where you need to focus, ocean candle scents are amazing for several purposes. While we discussed everything there is to know about burning ocean candles, you also can now make your own! We hope that this blog showed you the wonderful benefits of using these lovely products and choose to buy organic Ocean Candles from our website. The journey to reach a better understanding of ocean candles ends here, but our content does not! Stay tuned to Home in the Hills for more amazing posts that inform you about all things candles and lifestyle!