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The Science Behind the Crackling Wood Wick Candles

The Science Behind the Crackling Wood Wick Candles 2022

If you love some ASMR as you burn candles and wind up a busy day, one of our favorite picks for you is the wood wick candles. So, what makes them so special that every ASMR aficionado recommends using these? Surprisingly, not many know that the wood wick candles tend to produce a distinctly soothing crackle as they burn.

The process of making Luxury Wood Candles and crackling candles is similar to that of making regular candles. You melt and  burn wax with a wick in the Centre in both circumstances; the only variation is the design of the wick.

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If you decide to buy yourself or a loved one a fragrant crackling wood wick candle, the crackle candle wicks and popping sound Its make while being lit is a unique trait. They’re slowly gaining popularity because of how nostalgic they feel, like the slow sizzling of a fireplace. But have you wondered what makes these wood wicks crackle that the cotton ones can’t replicate? Today, we will discuss the science behind the comforting crackle of wood wick candles. Let’s get started with the basics!


What are Wood Wick Candles?

To put it simply, wood wick candles   contain wicks     made of wood.   The  small pops   and crackles are   not too loud and   perfect to create a   pleasant sound   that resembles a   wood-burning   stovetop or  campfire. Crackling  wood wick candles  are unique because one can use them to de-stress after a long day at work or simply add a calming ritual to your self-care routine. The gentle crackling sound can be very relaxing and therapeutic. They are pretty intriguing, with many fascinating nuances and quirks to learn about and explore.


What Gives Wood Wick Candles Their Signature Crackle?

To understand why wood wicks pop and crackle, we need first to assess the wood behind this pleasurable ASMR effect when one lights it on fire.

While there’s nothing exceptional about the wood used in making wood wick candles, they are handpicked and go through several processes before being used as a wick. Most cracking candles have wicks made using a kind of softwood, which burns easily and evenly. 

Once a piece of softwood is picked to be turned into a wick, it is put through a meticulous process to rid of the excessive moisture. Most moisture evaporates during this process, guaranteeing a good burn time. However, there is still a little moisture trapped in microscopic bubbles within the wood.

Upon combustion, these tiny pockets of water and gas heat up, building pressure until the bubbles simply pop. These microscopic pockets of gas and water combusting in the wood are responsible for the popping sound. 

This leads us to answer your silent question- Yes, the phenomenon is completely natural that occurs when you use wood as a candle wick!


Wrapping Up

Handmade with care and precision, crackling wood wick candles are an art form that gives users a sense of serenity. While the majority of crackling wood wick candles will make the signature sound upon being lit up, some may not crackle. This absence of crackling can be a design flaw or by choice.

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