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Top 10 Ocean candles to buy in 2022

Top 10 Ocean candles to buy in 2022-Top Smelling Candles 2022

With the summer vibes building our desire to take a break from the everyday schedule of life, some well deserved time at the beach seems to be on everyone’s minds! However, for many of us, taking a break to go to the beach isn’t always possible.

If this is your situation, or even if you are already getting plenty of sand between your toes, we’d love to help you bring the ocean breeze and summer relaxation right to your home! Yes, it’s still possible to feel like you are sitting on one of these beautiful sandy beaches while sitting in your home or office. If that sounds like a stretch... check out these candles and see if they make you feel close to the ocean!


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The reason that people burn scented candles is so that they can experience and explore different things with their nose! Our nose and sense of smell has such a strong connection to our brain for establishing memories. Its no wonder these ocean candles make us feel and remember some of our favorite summer times.


Our recommendations of the top 10 ocean candles of 2022 will transport you right to your favorite quiet beach spot without moving a muscle. Are you ready to delve into the best collection of beach scented candles?

Let’s get started!

1. St. Eval’s Sea Mist and Sea Salt

Have you ever enjoyed seeing the bright light mist off the waves as they break while walking along the coast? It leaves a salty sea smell that is unforgettable. Both of these simple and elegant candles made of food-grade wax bring you a smooth sensory palette and a unique sweet and salty experience unlike any other.

2. Victoria Cator's Cala Grande

One of the greatest noses and most refined fragrances. Victoria Cator's collection brings you to the Italian seaside with its aesthetic and bold scent.

3. Timothy Oulton’s Coast

While the luxe packaging and presentation would make an excellent gift to the hostess of a beach house, this candle is so luxurious that you might end up leaving it on your own coffee table ;)

4. Home in the Hills’ The Trancas 

Not all beach candles smell like suntan lotion and coconuts. The scent on this candle is light and perfect for any occasion. The trancas candle brings an authentic sense of California Malibu beach culture into your to home. 

5. Elm Road’s Summer Days

Reminisce of the salty air and smell of the ocean with this beautifully scented candle. Fragrant like the summer fever of youth and a beach day, this candle will invigorate your spirit with its fresh, citrusy notes

6. Delilah Chloe’s Seven Seas

This fragrance can only remind you of one thing: beautiful sunsets at the beach. The Seven Oceans candle smells like coconut and a deep note of amber, bringing you back to the sun setting to background noise of crashing waves at the beach. Based in England, this boutique brand is known for its cute candle jars and classy packing.

7. JOGB’s MOJO Sensual Candle

While many may associate an ocean candle with watery notes, this one packs a surprise with sandalwood, coriander, and bergamot.

8. Molton Brown’s Coco & Sandalwood

With a sophisticated-looking jar that provides a very posh aesthetic, this piece will make a great addition to your home office. The coconut is sourced from the Philippines mixed with delightful notes from the sweetheart of jasmine.

9. Norfolk Natural Living’s Sea Salt Candle

Curated by one of the most skilled aromatherapists from Norfolk, this beautiful jar reminds you of stunning sea glass, while the fragrance recounts many nostalgic walks along the beach with salty sprays.

10. Bath and Beyond Ocean Candles

A reputed and reliable name, the candle collections from Bath and Beyond never disappoint with their wick long burn time, and lasting powerful fragrance.

Wrapping Up

Being a home-grown brand that values living the best quality, and most chill life that we can, Home in the Hills is dedicated to creating sustainable natural products. Try our stunning collection of scented wooden wick candles. All of our ingredients are pure and ethically sourced, and we aim to give people an alternative to using products with harmful chemicals. Our line of Malibu candles can bring you back to some of your most comforting memories while making new ones. To view our collection of ocean candles, visit our store today!