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What is a Luxury Candle?

Many ask the question: What is different about a luxury candle?

The answer is simple. A luxury candle is a candle that is hand poured, is made with non toxic wax, and uses luxurious fragrance.

Most cheap candles use wax that is toxic to breathe, because lets face it, cheap wax needs to be used to keep the price point down. Luxury candles will not use wax that is harmful to breathe. Instead, they will use non toxic soy wax, beeswax, or possibly a combination.

Fragrance can be made several different ways. It can be made synthetically in a lab, or made naturally. Most luxury candles use natural fragrances, or at least are partially made of natural ingredients and finished in a lab. 

Most luxury candles are handle poured, which means each candle is poured individually to ensure quality through each step of the process. 

Home in the Hills prides itself on making the most luxurious candles possible at a fair price. We combine non toxic coco soy wax with natural luxurious fragrance, and hand pour each of our candles to make sure we are delivering the highest quality candle product.