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What Makes A Candle “Luxury Scented Candle”?


Luxury Scented Candle

 If you’re wondering whether buying Luxury scented candles at the dollar store versus a boutique created piece would have no difference, think again. What separates scented candles based on their quality is the first impression;

the whiff of a fragrance that instantly delivers a “wow effect” on anyone who walks into the room.


Luxe candle brands don’t need much in order to declare their superiority because every little aspect speaks of the careful attention it was crafted under. From the packaging to their burn time, luxury candles stand a league apart because it packs a lot more than the mass-manufactured ones. Today, let’s look into the elements that give a luxury scented candle its premium finish.


  • Unique theme:

    If you took the example of aromatherapy candles, there are several themes that exist within the same ambit. For instance, maybe you’re looking for a candle fragrance that can heal your anxiety. If you bought a regular candle, they would all contain a standard fragrance of lavender. However, a luxury scented candle is crafted by an experienced perfumer with the nose to create the most intricately unique concept. In the market, the brand’s signature fragrances cannot be replicated.
  • High-quality fragrance oils:

    When it comes to separating the luxe candles from the regular ones, the difference also boils down to the quality of fragrance oils used. While most of the dollar-worth scented candles use synthetic fragrance or even inaccurate essences, you’ll find luxe candles made of naturally extracted oils. These oils are expensive, but the fragrance that wafts is a beautiful explosion for your olfactory senses.
  • Premium wax quality:

    While ordinary candles that run on the cheaper side are made using paraffin wax, the premium ones use only the highest quality of sustainable raw material. While paraffin wax holds fragrance well, it also produces black soot which is an undesirable feature. Instead, premium sellers use beeswax, soy wax, or coconut wax to curate their stellar candles for a remarkable burn time and sillage.
  • Visual aesthetic:

    From the wrapping to the candle holder and design, every little aspect of a luxury candle is designed to showcase perfection. The visual aesthetic of such candles will show you why it is worth the heavy price tag. The premium finish to the candle jars, the personalized notes, and even crystal embellishments add more value to the display of such candles.
  • Cruelty-free and environment friendly:

    Boutique brands that make only luxury candles are highly focused on leaving a positive impact on the environment. For the same reasons, the foundation of their work and craft lies in cruelty-free raw materials and processes. From the fragrance oils and wax to the tins and moulds, all the components of a premium candle are ethically sourced, which tend to be more expensive.


Wrapping Up:


Home in the Hills is a home-grown luxury brand that focuses on creating divine experiences for your senses with premium scented candles. It is essential for you to know what you are paying for when you buy an ordinary candle as to investing in a luxury scented candle. We hope that our blog helps you understand the effort and careful consideration that goes into creating our candles.