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Candle Care Tips You Should Know 2022

Candle Care Tips You Should Know

If you’ve been noticing your candles don’t last long enough, try these effective tips for a better burn time.

It can be surprising to many when they hear about candles needing extra care and attention. After all, aren't they supposed to be just lit up far from inflammable items?

However, there’s a lot more intentional upkeep that goes into ensuring that your candles burn optimally. No matter what type, every candle requires basic upkeep in order to deliver the maximum burn time possible.

The five candle care tips and tricks mentioned below will ensure that they last longer and smell fantastic with every use!

Make sure the candle burns evenly the first time they are lit

Perhaps one of the most common grievances of fragrant candle purchasers is how these are prone to ‘tunneling’. It happens when the wax in the center burns away, leaving the surrounding wax as a residue. 

This is even more prominent in pillar or jar candles. To fix this issue and ensure it doesn’t happen to you, you need to pay attention the first time you light it. Also called the memory burn, the first time you light the candle dictates how it burns for the rest of its burn time. 

One way to make sure your candle burns evenly the first time is to keep it lit for 1-2 hours until the wax pool covers the edges too. Before you douse the flame, ensure that the candle wax has melted evenly.

Trim the wick as you go

Is your candle’s flame too big? Well, if your wick is anywhere over a quarter of an inch (0.25”) it will burn too bright and leave a lot of soot in its wake.

Large flames also don’t disperse fragrance well, which is why you may not be able to smell a candle. Trim the candle wick every time before use to ensure it burns steadily without mushrooming.

Keep your candles clean

It is possible that you may have a blackened residue, dust or soot gathered on the melted wax. These particles may ignite due to the candle’s flame and cause a mess.

The best way to keep your candle clean is to clear this debris out as soon as you see it. Use tweezers to get rid of protruding particles; you can skim the fine soot that gathers in the container with a tiny spatula while the wax is still melted.

Minimize the mess while dousing a candle flame

Candles should not be burning over three hours at any given time. The risk of an overheated pillar or jar candle can lead to hazardous results, which can be avoided. Blowing out a candle can disperse soot around the liquefied wax, which looks messy.

To put out a candle flame, use the lid of the jar candle. You could invest in a candle care kit or snuffer if you use these every day.


Retire candles while there's still wax in the jar

Remember to stop using your candle while there’s still as little as 0.5 inches of wax at the bottom.

Why? If you wait to “get your money’s worth” and burn the entire jar, the container may overheat and crack, causing a mess.

Retire your candles on time and reuse these jars once you clean them out.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that these tips shared on this blog help you sustain a longer burn time with a fragrant experience in every use. If you’d like to explore our 100% natural candle collection, Home in the Hills has a luxurious collection for you. For more candle related tips and tricks, stay tuned with us!