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A Complete Guide to Toxin-Free Candles

toxin-free candles

As consumers, all of our attention goes to the value we get for the money invested. Some of us are also into affordable living and a minimalist lifestyle that can minimize unnecessary expenditures. While there are several aspects you can cut corners in, your purchase of scented candles is not the right category to be stingy. This is because the price of your candle is equated to the quality of its build.

For starters, the cheap bundle of candles sold for a few dollars may look cute and aesthetic, but are they healthy for you and your loved ones? Whether you’re buying candles for personal use or as a gifting idea, it is imperative to steer clear of toxic candles that cause more harm than good. This guide will talk about what you need to know while buying nontoxic candles.


What are the traits of toxic candles?

While buying candles, you may have read the label that says things like:

  •     No residue
  •     Genuine fragrance
  •     Long burn time
  •     Custom fragrance
  •     Phthalates free candles
  •     Fine fragrance candles

However, these can be misleading claims that lead to a poor buy. When trying to steer clear of toxic candles, watch out for these three traits mentioned below.

1. Lead core wicks

Lead can be extremely harmful when ingested, causing ailments like sickle cell disease. However, many mass manufacturers from overseas may use the same lead as the core of candle wicks. The fumes when inhaled even in small doses over time can turn lethal, especially to kids.

2. Synthetic fragrances

Artificial fragrances may be marketed as customized fragrances, but they consist of several processed chemicals, VOCs, carcinogenic agents, or allergens that are not healthy to be around. Buying cheap scented candles falls into this category because natural fragrances are more expensive to use.

3. Paraffin wax

Paraffin candle wax may be popular because it is affordable and retains the fragrance very well, but it doesn’t spell great things for your health. Ingredients like  BTEX, a group of chemicals that comprises ethylbenzene, toluene, benzene, and xylene- all of which cause harmful diseases while some are carcinogens.


What to look out for while buying non-toxic/ eco-friendly candles?

1. Ethically sourced materials

One of the greatest markers of a non-toxic luxury candle is the materials being sourced by ethical means. This automatically bumps the price of sourcing up but pays careful attention to every part of the candle. None of these materials is animal tested or chemically adulterated, and are handpicked for their quality, be it the wax or wick.

2. Natural fragrance oils

There are candle makers that use either fragrance oils or essential oils. No matter what the brand’s choice, a natural fragrance will mostly have very low to no chemical interference that enhances or changes its scent.

3. Petroleum-free candle wax

Several kinds of wax are safe for use around children and pets. Look for pure soy, beeswax, or coconut wax because they’re organic and of great quality.

4. Natural wicks

When we talk about natural wicks, choose candles that use hemp, wood wick, or natural cotton candles. Any synthetic candle wicks with an addition of lead can skip your list!


Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to skip and what characteristics to look for while candle shopping, we hope you make wiser choices. For the best non-toxic scented candles that come straight from nature, choose to shop from Home in the Hills.