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How To Make A Wooden Candle Wick


The candle-making business is by far one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial ventures in today’s holistic and lifestyle sector. If you’re interested in using your talent to kick start your business of making the best candles, you should know that wooden wick candles are perhaps the best place to start. They crackle gently when ignited, burn extremely well, and leave a clean flame. However, the secret is the wooden wick itself, which can be made at home!

To know how to follow our steps as mentioned below.

Materials Required for this Process

  • Balsa or other soft wooden sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • Organic oil (Olive oil would be ideal!)
  • A flat dish
  • Paper towels to avoid a mess
  • Wooden wick tabs
  • Glass candle jars or candle molds
  • Hot glue gun, wax dots or wax adhesive
  • Metal container or a spouted utensil
  • Safety gloves
  • Oven mitts or pot holders
  • A large bowl
  • A pair of tongs


Your Step by Step Wooden Wick Candle Wick

1. Cut the strips of Balsa wood:

Use a pair of scissors to cut the balsa wood stick to the required wick size. An expert tip would be to snip the wooden wick to be an inch taller than the mold. You could use wither hard or softwood for the wicks. We recommend balsa wooden sticks are the most accessible and economic choice that is available in multiple sizes at convenience or hardware stores.

2. Coat and soak the strips of wood:

Next, use a large bowl to add olive oil to it so that all the wooden wicks can be coated completely in it. Be generous with the amount of oil because this will determine the quality and 60 hrs burn time of the wicks. Submerge all the cut wicks into the oil for about 20 minutes. Take the sticks out of the bowl and put them on paper towels to soak up the excess oil. Dab them gently and your wicks are prepped!

3. Place the wooden wicks in the wick tabs:

Now’s the time to insert the wicks into tabs so that they can be secured at the bottom of the mold. Make sure to buy tabs that are specialized for wooden wicks since the help and cotton wick tabs are ineffective in this case- the oil treatment will make them slip right off.

4. Warm the wax jars or mold:

Once your wicks are prepped and attached to the tabs, it’s not time to prepare the jars and molds you’re going to make your crackling candles in. With a pair of tongs, hold the glass jars or molds carefully and warm them over some fire from a distance. You could use a blowtorch, your kitchen gas connection, or a pot of boiling water to get the job done. If using fire, ensure to hold the glass at a distance. Always wear fire safety gloves and oven mitts.

5. Glue the wooden wick tab to the bottom:

While the glass jar is still warm, add some hot glue or wax adhesive to the bottom of the container. Quickly and with precision, add the wick tab to the bottom of the jar. Hold the tab for a few moments until the glue dries partially. You can also add a pair of clips at opposite corners of the opening with an elastic band to ensure the wicks stay in place as they dry.


Wrapping Up:

In five easy steps, your jars are now ready to be turned into fragrant candles. Before you add melted wax to the jars, let the glue cure overnight. Warmed jars before adding wax to ensure that the glass doesn’t crack. We hope this little DIY helps you turn this into a very lucrative business!